If you’re looking for a company that can refurbish your, lathe/milling machine or CNC/manual machine ABENE is the given company to turn to. We have been very successful over the years and have had many pleased customers. We undertake most brands on the market and offer complete- or part refurbishment at a very reasonable price. All work is performed in our own factories.

For example a refurbishment of your ABENE VHF-3 includes

  • Dismantling, cleaning, scraping / milling of all box ways with measuring according to protocols for a new machine
  • Dismantling and replacement of necessary bearings in transmission/gearbox, feed axes, spindle motor and feed motor
  • Replacement of all necessary scrapers and drive belts
  • Dismantling and inspection of spindle housing.
  • Repainting with two-component paint in two different RAL gray colours
  • Measurement and adjustment of keys, wedges, etc
  • Mounting of Tool clampsystem pneumatic/hydraulic (Option)
  • Mounting of 3-axis DRO (Option)
  • Mounting of spindle protection
  • Mounting of electrical spindle brake
  • Mounting of work light
  • Test run and accuracy control
  • Accuracy report is attached on delivery

Examples of refurbished machines





Storebro GK-195

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