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Company History

ABENE was founded in 1938 under the name AB E.N. Eklunds Mekaniska Verkstad. The founder and owner was Mr Elias Napoleon Eklund. The complete company facilities was located in Stockholm. Allready in 1942 the serial production of ABENE Milling Machines started, and during the first year 54 units was produced. Until today more than 8 000 ABENE Milling Machines has been delivered from Sweden throughout the whole world. The machines were sold under the brand name ABENE, and soon the company name was changed accordingly.

Abene's Fabrik in Valdemarsvik


1961 the company was divided into two parts. The assembly, sales and technical department in Stockholm. The production plant located in Valdemarsvik, a small town 250 km south from Stockholm.In the beginning of the 1980 all activities was moved to Valdemarsvik, where the premises was extended to it´s present size.

In 1990 ABENE was taken over by SMG (Swedish Machine Group).

SMG includes also PEDERSEN Verktöjmaskiner (Denmark), SMG International (Nybro, Sweden) and JAFO (Jarocin, Poland)

Today the SMG-Group employ approx. 300 people. ABENE is merchandised in about 30 countries all over the world through dealers. Further in about 15 countries direct from Valdemarsvik Sweden.